Please Note: All orders placed after 3 PM EST on 2/11 will ALL be shipped on 2/25. All Luv 💖

Our COVID-19 Efforts


Hi Luvs,

We want to ensure you that Meera Beauty Co is committed to keeping each and every member of our team safe, while handling all of your products with extra care and protection. Below are the steps we take to make sure all of our ULTRA-GLOSS tubes are properly cleaned and safely handled in our care to help prevent the spread of any germs or bacteria!

Step 1: We wash every tube, cap and stopper in a solution of Soap, Distilled Water and 70% Alcohol.

Step 2: We rinse each item in warm distilled water to remove all soap residue.

Step 3: We soak everything once more in a mixture of Distilled Water + 70% Alcohol and allow everything to completely air dry.

Step 4: Once everything is properly dried, it is stored in fresh, sterile ziplock bags until they are filled with the MAGIC that is ULTRA-GLOSS. Once Tubes are sealed, they are not opened again until they reach YOU, the customer!

While our team handles any of your products, whether they be our MEERA LASHES, BLOODLINE PALETTES or ULTRA-GLOSS, we assure you everything is handled with care and every member of the team is properly sanitized and wearing the appropriate masks and gloves to handle your order!