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Our VEGAN SHEANA lashes are the perfect pair for our 100% animal-free glam clientele. Luxe, but still comfortable in the eye, these lashes are the perfect complement to your next eye look!

  • 3-D Faux Mink
  • Reusable up to 30 times
  • Medium Volume


like any of your favorite luxury beauty tools, Meera Beauty’s lashes should be handled with the utmost care and love. When it’s time for your lashes to come off please be sure to lift them gently by holding and slowly lifting the band. To protect the integrity of the lash shape and structure, NEVER GET YOUR LASHES wet, and never pull the lash off by the hairs. Lastly, please be sure to store your lashes and a cool, dry area where they can sit pretty until their next use 😘


Did you know each of our lashes is named by a member of our online #MeeraFam? This pair was named after such an incredibly TALENTED makeup artist - Sheana - who we believe to be one of the most talented creators of today! read her heartwarming words on BEAUTY below:

"Beauty to me can be found in every aspect of our lives. Not just looks. If you can take the time to find beauty in your daily life your days will be so much brighter. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which makes it even more amazing because what is beautiful to you is different to someone else. I love that I bring beauty to the world with my art and encourage everyone to find something they are passionate about to contribute to the beauty in the world."-@epic_werk

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